• Avro Vulcan XL426

    Avro Vulcan XL426 Project

    Sit back, turn up the volume and enjoy that iconic Vulcan ‘howl’ as she powers down the runway…

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  • Sixty Seconds to wow the world…

    As Covid-19 continues to impact businesses, it is increasingly important to use effective advertising and marketing techniques to ensure that your business continues to thrive throughout these difficult times. A good ad tells a story and what better way to promote your tale than through cleverly filmed and edited video footage that showcases the highlights…

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  • Wedding Filming

    As well as being a freelance jib operator, I also produce full wedding videos too. This one is from Ayse and James who’s wedding took place in March of 2018 – the day after a major snowfall… we all wondered how everyone would get to Hazel Gap Wedding Venue deep in the heart of rural…

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  • Pioneering use of a camera jib – two cameras, not one!

    Our job is our passion. For several years, Jibz TV has been proud to be shooting far more creatively than most other jib operators – using different lenses to achieve this in large part. Most other operators just settle for putting a wide lens on a crane and think that’s it. But why not get…

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  • Jibz TV on location at Ktima Lindos, Rhodes.

    How to make the best use of a camera team at your destination wedding.

    You’ve booked your dream wedding in an exotic location. Guests have flown in, the sun is shining, people are happy and relaxed – and so it makes sense that you want to capture the best footage possible to ensure that you remember every magical moment, yes?. As a freelance camera crane operator, I have travelled…

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  • 2017 Venues

    Just a few of the spectacular venues I’ve been lucky enough to have filmed in already this year…

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  • Let’s all fly drones at weddings… Part One.

    Seems simple of course. Go to the Heliguy website, choose between a sexy Phantom 3 or even sexier Inspire One, and BAM. You’re a pilot and the world will marvel

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  • Innovation despite Design

    And here it is.

    Finally, I’ve conquered the issues and now can reveal my exclusive new innovation.

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