Pioneering use of a camera jib – two cameras, not one!

Our job is our passion.

For several years, Jibz TV has been proud to be shooting far more creatively than most other jib operators – using different lenses to achieve this in large part. Most other operators just settle for putting a wide lens on a crane and think that’s it. But why not get the extra value from the equipment you’re using?

Now this isn’t easy – in fact it took a while to perfect the skills required to move a camera with a long lens smoothly and with precision. But with practice the expertise was gained. Then we thought – it’s a shame we cant offer a fast switch between lenses for variety – but of course stopping recording, swapping a lens over and restarting takes considerable time..

The answer? Run TWO cameras simultaneously – and so the concept was born.

In what we believe to be a world’s first, Jibz TV now offers our clients the option of having dual camera rig. Camera one runs a Sony FE 2.8 16-35, Camera two runs a Sony FE f3.5-6.3 24-240 OSS lens – essentially a ‘freedom’ lens that allows quick changes of focal length but which usually operates at around 100mm.

Both cameras are independently powered using the incomparable Zendure A8 USB power banks, and both cameras are controlled via a matching pair of 7.85″ DJI Crystalsky monitor / tablets. With the Crystalsky, shooting outdoors in very bright sunlight is no longer a problem. They are super bright and don’t require sunshades etc. The equipment is mounted on a custom bracket designed to fit to the Kessler Revolution head in just a few seconds and it all adds up to an extremely neat and effective camera package.


Shown below are some images of the evolution of the concept – new images will be coming soon.