Avro Vulcan XL426 Project

Sit back, turn up the volume and enjoy that iconic Vulcan 'howl' as she powers down the runway...

For the past few months, Jibz TV has been hard at work filming with the Vulcan Restoration Trust at Southend Airport. From ‘fast taxy’ days where the Trust runs XL426 along Southend’s runway for the public to enjoy, to more behind the scenes content, we’re proud to be associated with the VRT.

Below are the films shot to date that the trust has released, and more – much more is to come.

First up – an engineering test day where all the systems were tested in preparation for the paid event taking place later that month.


XL 426 Engineering Test Day.

Next up – A behind the scenes look at an event rarely seen these days – the refitting of a Rolls Royce Olympus engine after it was removed to allow the fitting of a new starter. The teamwork involved was a pleasure to witness as the powerplant was gingerly hoisted back into position.

Refitting number one engine into XL426.

Unusual Views

Something the VRT and Jibz TV is agreed on is filming distinctive footage because we want to give you, the viewer unique perspectives . The next film is a single angle shot from below the port wing as XL 426 performs a fast taxy. Well worth watching to the end as she returns to the hangar and the engines spool down..

Fast taxy and return to base.


Every few months or so, the VRT runs open days where the public can get up close and personal with the Avro Vulcan and the team that keeps her alive. These days include other exhibitors that attend and enhance the experience. This is a short promotional film showing what to expect.

Fast Taxy runs and that ‘Howl’.

Now the meat and two veg – four fast taxy films shot on a rainy day in December 2021 – certainly not ideal weather, but the team pulled it off beautifully and the public really did appreciate the effort.

So sit back, turn up the volume and enjoy that iconic Vulcan ‘howl’ as she powers down the runway…